I Was There But I Wasn’t Tagged in The Photo

I Lived it:

It was a friend of a friend who took the picture. As soon as a proper filter was determined, it was immediately posted on all social media platforms. I should have known about it so I could share on my own pages, but now it’s two weeks later and I only just saw the posts this morning. Why? Well, even though I was very much featured in it, I wasn’t tagged.


That’s right: I was in the photo but nobody tagged me.


I remember it like it was yesterday. My friend Shelly invited me to her housewarming party. I didn’t know her new roommates, but a big group of attendees started posing for a group pic. I sheepishly hung on the edges, making myself visible so someone would invite me into the photo.


“Hey Liz, get in here!” exclaimed Shelly, falling for my trap. I agreed to join them, even though I only knew two other people in the group. After the pic was taken, the camera was passed around so that everyone could determine whether or not they looked good enough in the photo for it to be posted. I gave a thumbs-up. Nobody will doubt that I was physically there in the room while this was happening, and yet I was left untagged, like none of it even happened.



I know in my heart that I was there at that party, but how can I really know for sure if I wasn’t tagged?


I never saw the photo until today, two weeks after the party. Shelly was tagged upon the posting of the photo and didn’t tag me. If that’s what friendship means in 2016, then no thank you.


Even though I totally nailed the photo, I am not about to tag myself because I’m not a loser. I will forever remain untagged in this photo. The photo will be lost to history, but deep down I’ll know: I was there.