I Refuse To Be Defined By The Threeway I Keep Talking About

Yes I’m sexually adventurous, and no, I’m not ashamed to talk about the incredible experience of group love I enjoyed last summer, but please will everyone stop thinking of me as just some open-minded, sex-a-thon attending, ménage-à-trois-hosting vixen?


I had a threeway once, and although it opened my eyes up to the joys of multi-partnered love, I don’t want to keep talking about how intense the connection was between us and how you just wouldn’t understand unless you’d been there because you wouldn’t understand and you weren’t there.


I had a threeway on a very hot night (you’d be amazed how hot a room can get when there are three naked, lustful people in it) last August and Ive completely moved on from the memory of that breathless passion. So would you just stop bringing it up? I don’t want to spend the rest of my life explaining the mechanics of sharing my body with two lovers! I’ve got better things to do, like message the two people I shared a once-in-a-lifetime sexual experience with last summer (and no, I’m not going to tell you Andy and Isla’s names).


I would love to just leave it up to you to imagine what I went through, but there’s no way you could. The sex I had (with two people) was literally beyond anything you could imagine. Even what you’re trying to imagine right now is not halfway near as horny-making as it was in reality. And I can tell you’re getting pretty horny just picturing it. But please stop thinking of me that way. I’m so much for than a bold, engaging, and generous lover. I’m also a profoundly intuitive one, especially when it comes to threeways.



It’s healthy to explore your limits as a sexual being, and I’ve discovered that I have almost none. Which is great news for the lover(s) I have taken and will take, but bad news for anyone who wants to hear about it because I do not want to be known as Little Miss Threeway. Yes, I’m a sensual lover capable of satisfying two people at once, but above all I’m a sensual human being. It’s not like I want “Threeway” written on my tombstone! No stonemason would even agree to engrave that…would they?


Does it hurt my feelings that everyone on this subway sees me as just someone with a captivating sexual history? Yes. Although, not as much as the residual muscle strain from the threeway I had last summer. (When there are three people in a bed, you have to throw some shapes—but I don’t want to talk about all the straddling and arching I did. What would you think of me!)


What happens behind closed doors is between me and my sex partner and my other sex partner. Please respect that. When it comes down to it, I am so much more than just some girl who had a threeway. I’m also a girl who had a fourway. But I don’t want to talk about that either.