‘I Never Cry at Movies,’ Says Man Who Cries at Video Games

27-year-old Brooklyn resident James Pacada boasted to friends last Thursday that he “never” cries at movies, although he did manage to sob uncontrollably at the end of both Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2.


“Fictional storylines just don’t affect me emotionally,” says James, who has cried after several games in The Legend of Zelda franchise. “I love powerful storytelling, but I’m just not really a crier.”


James, who considers himself a “very logical guy”, has been caught shedding tears to almost any interactive experience he’s engaged with that isn’t even really meant to be sad.


“I just find all those movies about people dying and breaking up and overcoming the odds so corny,” James added, although he has no problem if those things apply to an Orc, an elf, or a cowboy. “I just don’t get what makes you cry so much at all these things.”



James has been known to judge his girlfriend, Marla, for getting emotional after movies and television shows, baffled as to “what the big deal was” or if “you’re on your period or something.”


At press time, James could be found with lips trembling and holding back tears while playing Mario Kart.