I LIVED IT: Someone Thanked Me for Opening Up When I Thought We Were Having a Pretty Normal Conversation

I Lived it:

When I went to one of my friend’s parties at her apartment yesterday, I thought I was gonna have a nice time with some old friends, and maybe even make some new ones, but I never anticipated that I’d be so insanely misunderstood by someone that they thanked me for “opening up” when we were having a totally normal conversation in which I was saying totally normal things to them.


What the fuck just happened, and what did I do to deserve it?


I started a conversation with one of her friends I’d only met in passing before, Emily, and that was my first and most detrimental mistake. We both complimented each other’s outfits, explained how we both knew Janisa, and then we started talking about our families and I told her that my parents were divorced now, which, looking back, was definitely more than she could handle.


“Oh, really?” Emily asked me. “My parents are still together. That must have been hard. I wish I could be that vulnerable someday! Thank you for opening up to me,” before leaving me alone in total despair.



I thought that we were having a regular, boring conversation, but then I saw her almost on the verge of tears, and now she thinks that I’m some kind of insane person who overshares to anyone who’ll listen! 


Sometimes I forget that there are people who haven’t experienced anything in life.


After that devastating blow, it was only right to leave the party, and all of my friendships forever. It’s safe to say that I will never talk to anyone again, because I never want someone to think I’m pouring my guts out when I thought we were on the same page, unless you strictly want to talk about when I was in middle school or something else that’s super traumatic. Which honestly I would love!