I LIVED IT: My Boyfriend Dreamed That I Died

I Lived it:

It might sound corny, but my boyfriend is literally my best friend. We’ve been inseparable ever since we started dating, and I can’t imagine my life without him.


But this morning he said something that shook me to my very core: He told me that he had a dream last night that I died.


Now, I’m not so sure if this relationship will last, considering he kind of subconsciously wants me dead.


I thought that the worst possible hiccup would be if my boyfriend Lewis had a sex dream with someone else, or if I had a dream where he cheated on me, but I was so not prepared for him having a dream where I died so he could go on and date other women who are way hotter than me. Pretty fucked up.


Not only that, but he said that I met my fate in the dream by accidentally impaling myself with a sword (we fell asleep watching House of the Dragon). But it’s like, okay, so you think I’m a fucking idiot who doesn’t know how to handle a sword, too? Does he even know me at all?


Because if he did, he would never picture me dead, even when he’s unconscious.


Once he told me about the dream, I kicked him out of my house immediately. I think he needs to be alone to really think about what he’s done to me.


I know I can’t control what my boyfriend dreams about, but I also think I should have some kind of a say in it, at least.


Right now, I’m not sure if our relationship is going to survive my boyfriend’s grave mistake of picturing me dead. It would be a shame for it to end this way, but I also can’t see myself with someone who obviously wants me to die in the dumbest, most embarrassing way possible.



I’m also trying to see what’s out there before I make a decision, so if you’re one of those people who never, ever dreams, hit me up!