Why I Stopped Watching TV Before Bed and Started Watching It All Day Instead

woman watching tv

Unwinding after a long day with some Netflix in bed is a tenet of self-care, but some scientists out there like to claim that staring at a bright screen for hours before bed is actually “bad for your health” and can “mess up your sleeping habits”. Sure, I don’t want to be kept up at night by my computer screen, but I also refuse to stop slogging through all 19 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy which is why I stopped watching TV before bed and started watching it all day instead.


Ever since I made the switch to watching TV from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, my daily life has never been better! My body clock is no longer disrupted by turning on a harsh blue screen in a pitch black room at night now that it’s exposed to a screen 24/7 – in fact my body has even adjusted itself to get tired conveniently right after a season finale!


Watching TV all day has not only fixed my sleeping schedule, it’s also freed up so much time for me to get through everything on my watch list. With all this extra TV-watching time on my hands, I’ve finally finished Grey’s Anatomy, The Sopranos, and half of Mad Men! Sure, my boss has called my workplace productivity “dismally inefficient,” but if she knew I got through all five seasons of The Wire in three days, I’m sure she’d be very impressed.



There’s even been unexpected side benefits – now that I spend all my time indoors glued to a screen, I never have to worry about sun damage on my skin and have a consistent excuse for saying “no” to plans. I haven’t seen the sun or my friends in months! Who knew watching TV all day would be such a life hack?


Now I know what you, like most of my friends, family, and co-workers are probably thinking: “This is absolutely the wrong solution!” But even though I’ve received plenty of unwarranted advice from people who think they know best, I’m pretty sure that they’ve never gotten through as many seasons of television as I have. Yeah, didn’t think so!


I don’t know why scientists aren’t recommending watching TV all day, because now by 11 p.m. like clockwork, my eyes and body are so tired from staring at a screen for over 12 hours that I have no choice but to close them and fall asleep. Screw melatonin or yoga! TV is my completely natural sleep remedy now!