I LIVED IT: I Didn’t Realize I Was Flirting and Now I Have to Go to Our Wedding

I Lived it:

Flirting is a fun way to pass the time in a social setting – and who doesn’t love a little attention? So, I’ve long been a believer that casual flirtation is harmless, and sometimes it’s so unconscious that I don’t even realize I’m flirting with someone until it’s too late. At least, that’s how I got into my current predicament: I didn’t realize I was flirting and now I’m in a wedding dress on my way down the aisle. He has two kids, and they won’t stop referring to me as “the mom who stepped up.”


Help! How the hell did I get here?


It all started at a close friend’s birthday party, when I saw a tall, sultry man standing in the corner and thought, “Well, I have five minutes to spare, and I’ll probably never see him again. Might as well introduce myself!” We started talking, and I’m nothing if not a fantastic conversationalist. Of course, he was swept off his feet, but I didn’t even realize I was flirting! Sure, I touched his arm a bunch and may or may not have thrown a wink in there, but that is simply the kind of good-natured girl I am, and I trust people not to read too much into it. 


I left the situation unperturbed, until the next morning, when he texted me asking to “hang out.” Had I given him my number? Guess so! I’m not one to deny a new friend, so I said yes. We saw each other several times over the next few months, and each time I would leave thinking that I had just mastered another social interaction. Turns out, he thought we were falling deeply in love. By the time he confessed this, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or admit that I didn’t realize I’d been flirting, so we started dating. It just seemed like the obvious choice! 



Three years later, he proposed, which is crazy because I assumed we were “extremely platonic boyfriend and girlfriend.” Now I’m at our wedding and I’m afraid he’s gotten the wrong idea! I love his kids, but even they were like, “It seems like you and our dad are flirting a lot.” What? When? Someone save me from myself! 


I suppose there is nothing left to do now but follow through with it. Fingers crossed that the two of us are split from one soul, I guess!