How I Made Sure I Was Being Heard in the Workplace by Wearing Big Swishy Cargo Pants

white pants

As one of the very few young women working at my office job, I’ve found it to be challenging, to say the least. After one year of being here, I think it’s safe to say that my superiors and coworkers rarely listen to any of my ideas. That’s why I decided to make myself heard loud and clear by incorporating some huge, noisy cargo pants into my office wardrobe. Now my coworkers can hear me coming from a mile away!


When I was wearing virtually silent jeans and skirts to the office, it felt like no one ever gave me a second look. But now, as soon as I step into the building, the sound of my cargo pants rubbing back and forth transforms my entire office into a captive audience.


Ever since I incorporated these huge parachute pant legs into my wardrobe, all my ideas about the company have been actively listened to, and even enacted! Just last week, I asked for a raise and my supervisor not only immediately gave me one, but also promoted me to CFO. That would’ve never happened had I been wearing my normal, soundless corduroys. Now, in my brand-new position, it seems like everyone desperately wants to know what I’m thinking, even though I’m pretty sure it’s because they can’t focus on anything other than my baggy pant legs vigorously brushing against each other.


I always knew that fashion could be powerful, but I didn’t know it could change the entire trajectory of my career!



I’ve learned that even noise-canceling headphones can’t block out the sound of my loud, industrial pants when I walk by. The pants literally speak for me at this point, and no one can drown out the sound of a girlboss walking through the office in a trendy but technical outfit. 


If I had known how loud, annoying, and overly self-aware I’d feel while wearing these big swishy cargo pants, I would have done it a long time ago.