I Feel Things Deeply And Here’s The Sunset Photo To Prove It

It happened again. I stepped outside and just felt… breathless. The world is just so much sometimes because I happen to feel things (everything) very deeply, and this beautiful sunset photo is proof of that.


Life is hard, but also beautiful. No one knows that like I do, because I’ve faced so many beautiful challenges in life. But what’s important to remember is that the sunsets and sunrises are always there to greet you, but only if you’re present. I mean, look at this pic. Doesn’t it just make you feel things?


It does for me.


I’ll never forget when someone once said to me, after scrolling through my social media for some time, that “Wow, you really feel things on a deeper level.” Damn straight I do. You can tell because this picture of a sunset conveys a certain mood that reflects the depth of my inner being – much deeper than any selfie could convey.


Isn’t that what we came to Earth to do?


To feel?


To post a photo of a sunset in order to prove it?


The sun warms our skin and in an instant it’s gone, back on the other side of the earth. It’s a lot like life in that way. Blink and you miss it.


But I won’t miss it. I’m taking it all in. The good, the bad, the ugly. But most importantly…


The sunset.


So take in in with me, as you take in all my many feelings. Breathe in – I am feeling. Breathe out – I am telling you my feelings. Wow.