I Can’t Cum Unless Someone Calls Me a ‘Voracious Reader’

I’m an intelligent woman who loves sex and is not ashamed to ask for exactly what I want in the bedroom. That’s why I’m not ashamed to admit that I have one kink that is absolutely imperative to my sexual enjoyment – I can’t cum unless someone calls me a “voracious reader.”


My appetite for reading is as big and unquenchable as my appetite for sex, which is why no other qualifier can qualify my voracious needs. I frequently have multiple sexual partners, just as I am always reading a novel in addition to a piece of nonfiction. It’s perhaps no surprise then that my sexual fantasy includes a man telling me how good I am at reading so I can finally climax, knowing that I finally feel “seen.”


I’m not afraid to ask for exactly what I want in bed. Often during lovemaking I will scream, “Yes! Yes, please tell me how I tore through Ken Follet’s Pillar’s of the Earth series! Remind me that I read most of Infinite Jest! That’s it. NOW TELL ME I’M A VORACIOUS READER.And then…I cum. No other adjective can really get me there.


Sometimes men will stop and be like, “What?” But only because “voracious” is a big smart word and they don’t always know what it means. To be honest, I used to hide my intelligence from men for this very reason. But I’m more mature now. Mature enough to tell all men I sleep with that I need to hear the words “voracious” and “reader” in order to feel any amount of satisfaction in bed.



I think my kink originates in the fact that my favorite teacher, Ms. Forsyth, told me I was a “voracious little reader” the same day I learned how to masturbate, but please don’t try to infantilize me like that.


I’ve tried to cum from other statements. For example, “Your brain is intimidating” or “Your collection of rare LPs is staggering and unequaled,” but nothing gets me going like being told I am an avid reader to the point of it seeming like a hunger.


I’m proud to be a confident adult woman who has great, passionate sex and also loves to read voraciously. Anyway, if you need me I’ll be reading the Elena Ferrante My Brilliant Friend series and cumming non-stop!