Hypocrite? This So-Called Socialist is Earning Money at Her Job

If you suffer from second-hand embarrassment, you might want to look away from this trainwreck, because 26-year-old Molly Ito is about to get called the hell out on her hypocrisy. This self-identified “socialist” has a job where she is paid money for her work.


“Molly claims to be a Democratic Socialist, but she doesn’t seem to have any qualms taking a paycheck from our boss,” says Molly’s smart coworker, Ron Antonelli. “Plus she has an iPhone, so it seems like she’s enjoying capitalism enough to me.”


And Molly’s double standards don’t stop there: Little Miss Theodor Ador-not a socialist has also been known to pay her landlord money every month. Don’t think landlords should exist? Well, you’ve got a funny way of showing it!


“She’ll even share her communist propaganda on social media and I’m like, you know Instagram is a capitalist company, right? Just like the rest of your life, brought to you by capitalism,” says Mark. “If she were a real socialist, she would…I don’t know. Move to Cuba.”


But like most people called on their BS, Molly only doubled down when confronted directly on her pretense.


“America is a capitalist country and I have to engage in that system if I want to live,” says Ito. “Also, earning money with your labor is not anti-socialist. I don’t think you know what socialism is.”



Maybe we do, maybe we don’t!!


“I’m actually in the process of trying to unionize my workplace,” Molly adds, “but it’s a bit of an uphill battle, which likely won’t surprise you since you’ve been talking to Ron.”


Wow, probably organizing for even more money. Talk about capitalist greed.


“It’s not like I’m even anti-socialism as a concept,” says Ron, who considers himself apolitical. “I just think people who act like they care about stuff are full of shit, and I want to make sure they know.”


After this takedown, Molly was speechless (we assume, we didn’t ask her for a response).