How to Tell Little Girls They Can Do Anything They Want Except for Probably a French Braid       

mother holding daughter

Raising a girl in the modern age can be a challenge: Empowerment messages are all over social media, yet depression and anxiety are at an all-time high. That’s why it’s crucial that we tell little girls they can do absolutely anything they want to do with their lives except for most likely a French braid, which is really fucking hard! Here are some tips to help them become their best, most well-rounded selves who will in all likelihood still suck at this type of braid.


Make sure she has a lot of inspirational role models to look up to.

We’re very fortunate to live in a time where powerful women are everywhere. Regularly show her examples of women who’ve worked hard and become successful in a variety of fields, but make sure to emphasize that a good number of these women will definitely be unable to complete a French braid. This is normal and okay, and maybe even some form of feminism.


Encourage her to pursue a passion or activity that she really loves.

Doing this from as early of an age as possible will help her realize she can do anything she puts her mind to with the exception of being a fucking French braid. This will instill confidence and also, realism. No YouTube tutorial can save you from this particular plight!



Help her to feel unique and encourage her individuality.

Keep the focus on character traits and not physical traits while always encouraging creativity. This strong sense of self will help her understand her identity as separate from her peers, while also knowing that what she’ll probably always have in common with them is complete and total inability to not have a French braid fall apart in her fucking hands. Sometimes it’s okay to fit in!


Hopefully, you now have some useful tips and tricks for helpful little girls grow up into strong, fearless women with a sense of purpose, presuming of course that this purpose doesn’t have anything to do with perfectly weaving 3 strands of hair together starting at the top of the head like some sort of witchcraft. And if you happen to be the rare woman who CAN do a French braid, don’t feel bad, you’re still probably terrible at a bunch of other things! Also stop bragging, wow, we get it, you can do a French braid, big friggin’ deal. Why are you always trying to make us feel bad??