How to Tell if It’s a Big Dumb Shirt or a Sexy Shirt Dress

So you just found a super cute big t-shirt – congrats! The only problem is that you can’t tell whether you’re supposed to be wearing it to bed or as a sexy shirt dress in a cute, sort of thirsty Instagram pic! How could you possibly know? Here’s how to tell if it’s a big dumb shirt or a sexy little dress!


Look at the fit of the tee.

Is it going to bring out your curves? Or is it going to be more like a giant shirt parachute that’s perfect for sleeping in (and nothing else)? Or is it kind of both? Make sure to look at the fit of the tee before deciding if it’s a big clunky, dumb old shirt or a flirty, sexy little shirt dress – it should be obvious!


Note the design.

Is it a graphic tee? Is it mesh? Does it have a funky pattern? Would it be weird to sleep in it? These are all questions you should be asking about the shirt before determining whether you should wear it while running into an ex on the street. Hi, Isaac!



Check how you feel while wearing it.

Do you feel like a casual goddess who just woke up and threw something on before you went out on the town? Or do you feel more like you just wanna eat dumplings from Trader Joe’s and watch The Real Housewives of Potomac? Checking in with your feelings about the shirt is crucial for finding out when and where you can wear the item of clothing.


With these tips, figuring out whether your big tee is a stupid big shirt or a sexy little dress will be so easy! But also, it can definitely be both. Yeah, it’s actually probably both.