Report: Woman In T-Shirt Dress And Sneakers Having Fun, Breezy Day

On a sunny Saturday morning, multiple sources have spotted Jess Makers traipsing about town in a t-shirt dress and sneakers. The 23-year-old is reportedly having a fun, breezy day unencumbered by worry or seams.


When asked if she has any plan for the weekend, Makers revealed that she prefers to stay spontaneous.


“I just go with the flow,” she explained. “I’m super easy going. I don’t even have an iPhone,” she continued, taking her adorable little flip phone out of her t-shirt dress’s adorable little pocket.


In her striped Uniqlo shift dress and blue Keds, Makers, who describes herself as the proud mother of eight succulents, is just doing whatever today.


She might hopscotch on over to a hopeful ex’s apartment and surprise him with a bouquet of flowers she picked from a nearby garden, then stumble into a jazz concert on the patio of her favorite cafe. Tonight, a DJ who’s in love with her is playing a set downtown, but she’s not sure which way the wind will blow her tonight. She’d rather be skateboarding on the pier than making plans. If she gets a little chilly, a guy will lend her his sweatshirt, and she will look amazing in it.


“She’s just more low-key than any of the other girls I’ve dated,” explained her ex. “You can tell because she doesn’t wear a bra most of the time.”


The casual fit of her dress and the practicality of her footwear suggest that Makers has never cried because the printer stopped working right before a 10AM meeting, nor has she sent a desperate email to a successful stranger asking if they’d like to “grab coffee sometime.”


“She just looks so down-to-earth in that simple little outfit,” an eye-witness reported. “Does she have to take vitamins? Did she file taxes? People tell me I’m high maintenance, but I bet no one’s ever said that to her in her entire life.”


And yes, she can do a cartwheel.


Makers was later spotted in the park holding hands with a girl in overalls, smoking a joint on the swingset. Sources have not yet confirmed whether she is wearing a tiny backpack, but if she were, it would most definitely have a lollipop in it.