How To Remind Him You Haven’t Forgotten His Penis Is Still In The Room

Sometimes when you’re out with your guy at a party and you’re busy connecting with friends, he may find himself sipping his drink in a corner, wondering, “Does she even remember that my penis is here?” You may find yourself totally neglecting his penis, under the assumption that you’ll be fully devoted during the penis portion of the evening later. Here’s how to assure him you haven’t forgotten his dick, if he seems to be getting antsy.


Brush gently against his pants on your way to refill your drink.

He probably knows deep down that you still like his ding dong, even though you’re talking about politics across the room, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like you know it’s in the room right now. Be sure to do a quick drive-by dick brushing with your hips as you cross the room to get another glass of wine. He’ll breathe a sigh of relief and you can continue not touching his dick for a little longer while still honoring its presence.


Glance down at his pants and wink.

A little can say a lot when it comes to remembering that his dick isn’t going anywhere. As you network with an important influencer in your field,take a moment to look over at his penis and give him a quick wink and affirmative nod, like “Yep, don’t worry, I haven’t forgot about that!


Send a flirty text like “looking forward to some of your D later, which is definitely in the room! :)”

Even if you’re not fully feeling this because Sharon is updating you on her son’s hearing problem, it’s easier to just send this text rather than watch your dude squirm next to the chip bowl as he ponders whether you even remember he has a penis, which is here, like, right now. This text lets him know you’re definitely aware it’s still there!



When all else fails, just sit on his lap the whole night.

You can definitely still talk to other people at this wedding, but just make sure you do it from the comfort of your boyfriends lap. He’ll feel calmer knowing you are physically aware of his penis the whole time.


Dicks need love and attention. Don’t let your man think you’ve forgotten just because you have other things you want to be doing for the next hour or two!