How to Rearrange Your Room So Many Times That You Don’t Know Where You Are Anymore

Everyone’s been there: You want to make a change in your life for whatever complicated and probably deep-rooted reason, and changing your bedroom around is the quickest way to do so! So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to go about rearranging every object in your living space with such fervor and frequency that you don’t really know who or where you are anymore.


Evaluate the situation

Is your room too cluttered? Do you want to move your bed closer to your window? Is your life just generally kind of falling apart? Doesn’t matter! You just need to start moving around furniture, and fast! Not just because your room might need some adjustments, but also because you can count this as DIY therapy!


Go off

Change absolutely everything around, even if it doesn’t make any logical sense. All that matters is that it’s completely different than how you had it before. You’re trying to be a new person, after all, so now it’s time to break all the interior design rules. Put your mirror on the ground! Order a huge poster of the ocean or a film you’ve never seen! Throw out all of your plants! Trust me, later you’ll be glad you did when you come to, look around, and ask yourself, “Where am I?”


Don’t doubt yourself

Don’t ask for opinions! Don’t go on Pinterest! And most important of all, DON’T put your room back together the way it was before you decided to change your whole life. That was the old you! And the new you takes risks! Don’t be afraid of doing anything semi-permanent that your landlord would get mad about either, like painting all your walls orange because it’s supposed to spark creativity. This is YOUR personal journey, girlie, so don’t hold back until your surroundings make you feel like you fell into an alternate dimension.


Take it all in

Now, looking at your room that preferably has a different paint color on the walls, take a deep breath! You did it. You changed your room around and, in a way, you changed a part of yourself, too. It shouldn’t matter that your side table is upside down, or that your bed is turned on its side so you kinda have to sleep standing up because now you can’t even remember the fact that you don’t really like your roommates or the building that you live in. Hello, sanctuary!


Now that this transformative process is over, make sure to repeat it about every four months or until you decide that you need a heavy rebrand (whichever comes first). With practice, you’ll find that anything can be solved by rearranging your room into a daunting, confusing, and totally fresh new space!