How To Perfectly Harmonize ‘Happy Birthday’ So People Pay Attention To You Instead Of Christine For Like Five Seconds

If you have friends, chances are, you’re going to be invited to a birthday party soon! But just because you’re on board with the idea that it’s Christine’s birthday doesn’t mean you have to surrender all of the attention to her. Here are some ways for you to perfectly harmonize “Happy Birthday” so that everyone looks at you instead of Christine for like five fucking seconds at this party.


Know Your Range

It’s important to understand your vocal strength. Learn the difference between alto and soprano and try singing a few notes to see what feels the most comfortable. Then ultimately pick soprano because alto is not gonna get you the attention that you’re looking for right now. We bet Christine would sing alto. But who really knows, since she’s the only one that doesn’t have to sing this boring song, yet everyone is still paying attention to her anyway? Hit that high note, you gorgeous soprano star, and add some sick runs while you’re at it!



Go “Woooooo” In Between Verses

When everyone sings “Happy birthday to you,” yell ‘WOO’ at the top of your lungs. It doesn’t have to sound pretty, it just has to sound loud. Doing so will shock people, causing them to turn around and look at you. Maybe they’ll giggle a little and smile or maybe they’ll look annoyed. This isn’t even harmony is any sense of the word, but at least they’re looking at you instead of Christine, who to be honest, isn’t even that fun. Like, this party doesn’t even have a theme. We bet you would have done something tasteful yet a little over-the-top, like a masquerade ball!


Sing Opera If You Have To

If you’re carrying the song by being the only one adding some sweet, sweet harmony, yet you still don’t have the room’s attention, it’s time to try a more classic vocal technique. Now is the perfect time to test the waters and see if you can sing at an operatic level. We know, operatic vocal technique is super awkward! But those ladies sure knew how to wow an audience!


Ditch “Happy Birthday” and Try Singing Some Mariah Carey

Girl, we know “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey is your go-to karaoke song. So why not sing it at a birthday party? It’s beautiful and everyone loves a throw back. Sing it on top of happy birthday – that’s called a mashup!


Just because it’s another eight months until your special day, doesn’t mean you can’t be the star of Christine’s birthday party. Follow these tips and you will have everyone’s attention, whether they think you’re fun or extremely irritating. No press is bad press, baby!