10 Hot Summer Songs That Are All ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked

Every summer has a hit song. 2016 had Drake’s “One Dance,” and 2017 has “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway musical Wicked. Turn your speakers up, because we’re about to list the ten hottest songs of the summer that are all “Defying Gravity” from Wicked.


Number Ten: Defying Gravity from Wicked.

Our list starts out with little number from a modern Broadway classic! Lather up the sunscreen and head to the beach while listening to this soaring vocal account of what it means to construct your own moral framework.


Number Nine: Defying Gravity from Wicked

Sure your friends may be listening to Lorde’s Green Light, but you could be listening to a Green Girl! Slide on your flirtiest, flowiest sundress and hit the streets in search of your own Fiyero.


Number Eight: Defying Gravity from Wicked.

No delusions of grandeur here! Celebrate warm weather with poolside mimosas and the most triumphant Broadway ballad since Funny Girls’ Don’t Rain On My Parade.


Number Seven: Defying Gravity from Wicked.

Nothing says indie-chic like hosting a summer party dedicated to the breakout musical of 2003! It’s won three Tonys, five Laurence Olivier’s, and a Grammy! Can you say HEATWAVE!


Number Six: Defying Gravity from Wicked.

Sure, Idina Menzel hit it big with Let It Go and John Travolta Pronouncing Her Name Wrong, but her turn as Elphaba in this imaginative prologue is why she’ll always be in our hearts! Fist-bump on a cruise ship to it!


Number Five: Defying Gravity from Wicked.

You know what’s Popular this July? Gettin’ Jiggy to the most resounding anthem of female friendship since Wannabe by the Spice Girls.


Number Four: Defying Gravity from Wicked.

Why go Dr. Dre when you can go Dr. Dillamond? This song will lift your spirits every time you sweat through your bra and onto your work dress.


Number Three: Defying Gravity from Wicked.

And rounding out the top three is Defying Gravity! Musical Fun Fact: The secret to Elphaba’s green skin? MAC Makeup! Head to your local MAC store and snag her flawless emerald complexion this July.


Number Two: Defying Gravity from Wicked.

Close your eyes and leap into our number two pick! You’ll be the baddest witch around when you roll down the windows and nail that one really high note that starts when the angry Oz citizens start singing.


Number One: Defying Gravity from Wicked.

And the number one hottest song of Summer 2017 is… “Defying Gravity!”


There you have it: the absolute best songs of the summer. Hah! Take that Chainsmokers. Throw on your cutest wide-brimmed witch hat and turn those speakers up. You’ll be sun-protected and gravity-defiant all summer long!