How to Not Be Jealous of How Badly He Wants A Rapid COVID Test

In these unprecedented times, it’s totally normal to feel vulnerable, especially when all your boyfriend talks about is how much he wants as many rapid COVID tests as he can get his hands on. But instead of being hard on yourself for not being that test, try following this step-by-step guide on how to not be jealous, because in the end, this really isn’t about you at all.


Stop comparing yourself to medical testing kits.

This may be tough to hear, but you’ll never be a rapid COVID test no matter how hard you try, so stop comparing yourself to one! You should never linger on things that you simply cannot change. So just move on, girl – and focus on yourself instead!



Think about all of your positive qualities (that don’t have to do with testing for a virus).

Just because you can’t tell someone whether or not they have COVID in fifteen minutes, doesn’t mean that you aren’t a delight to be around and have a variety of different amazing qualities. A rapid test probably doesn’t have a good sense of humor and a perfect ass like you do, does it? Yeah – didn’t think so!


Remind yourself that he probably won’t fuck the test.

If you’re still jealous of the rapid test because you’re not sure if you can completely trust your boyfriend around other women or testing kits, remind yourself that he probably won’t fuck the test. At least, we’re pretty sure. It’d be really difficult for him to even try, right? You also probably give way better blow jobs, right? Right?? This is a healthy coping mechanism for a valid concern!


So if you’re feeling a little jealous of how badly your boo wants a rapid covid test, try following these tips to not let your insecurities sabotage the relationship. And if all else fails, maybe consider going to nursing school so you can do it for him yourself!