How to Make Literally Any Meal a ‘Bowl’

Plates are a great, functional vessel for almost any meal. But if you’re a true foodie, you wouldn’t be caught dead eating from one, because you know that it’s all about the bowl! So what do you do to make sure your aesthetic and culinary preferences are served when you’re used to eating off a plain old plate like a peasant? We’ve got your back! Here are some tips to make literally any meal into a “bowl.”



Don’t start your day on a basic-ass note by plating your pancakes. Get your foodie on by shredding them in a bowl. Then, cover them with eggs, avocado, and sesame seeds for some reason. Don’t forget to cover it all in a stylish drizzle of maple syrup. Realistically, you could just have cereal or yogurt, which are great breakfast foods and are typically served in bowls. But you’re far from typical, bitch!



Lunch can be repetitive and trite when served on a wack-ass plate. So take your sandwich to another level! Chop up pieces of bread, lettuce, tomato, Swiss, and turkey and toss it all into a hand thrown ceramic bowl. Add a crafted squirt of mayonnaise and top with a sprinkle of shredded coconut, for style points. It’s pretty much a salad, but to you, it’s a sandwich bowl. Hell yeah, girl!!



You’re probably having pizza for dinner (aren’t we all?), so this one will be a little tough. Cut the pizza into manageable bites, and throw them into a blender with a few tablespoons of tomato sauce. Once it’s smooth and creamy, pour it into the bowl of your choice. For aesthetics, try toasting the crust and leaning it up against the side of the bowl in your pizza stew. Yummy and beautiful!


Don’t just shovel those munchies straight from the bag! Get a cute, overpriced bowl from Anthropologie and toss your almonds, Cheetos, one bite of that cupcake in the fridge and string cheese in there. And don’t forget to line the top with bananas, berries and chia seeds in a way that says “I actually don’t even like fruit that much, I just like Instagram.”



Engaging fully with bowls is an easy way to upgrade your diet and lifestyle. You’ll start to feel better and more interesting as a person, and people will respect you more. You’ll really have ‘em saying, “you bowl, girl!”