How to Lock It Down Even Though He Is Avoidant and a Time Traveler From the Future

Taking a relationship to the next level can be nerve-wracking when your partner is overly protective of his freedom. It’s even worse when he suffers from a paranormal genetic disorder that causes him to sporadically and unpredictably travel through time. Here are some tips for how to lock it down even though he has an avoidant attachment style and is also a time traveler from the future who only visits when the cosmic forces at play send him to you. 


Don’t be afraid to ask him to go steady directly. 

It’s better not to mince your words with an avoidant partner because he’ll only feel safe if he knows exactly how you feel. Also, you have no clue how much time you have together, as he could be whisked away at any moment, and it’s better to get your feelings out immediately, lest you risk him being pulled away to another time when you guys aren’t dating, or worse, when he’s dating someone else. Lock it down! Lock it down now! 


Always keep a spare pair of clothes around.

If he’s avoidant, it can be nerve-wracking to keep clothes at someone’s else’s place, because it might imply a level of commitment he’s not comfortable with. Also, when he beams into this time period from god-knows-when, he will be naked, cold, and afraid, as clothes don’t travel well through time wormholes and he never knows when a spontaneous neutron-powered jump might happen. Let him know you care by always keeping a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on your person! 


Give him his space.

It can be tempting to latch onto your time traveling partner because it’s unclear when he’s going to be with you next, but remember this is simply your anxious attachment speaking. No amount of clinging to him will keep him here, because once again, literally nothing can keep him here. Enjoy it while it lasts!



Above all, wait for him to come around. 

Commitment takes time, and when you’re in love with a time traveler, the most important thing to do is put your life on hold such that, in the event he shows up unexpectedly, you guys can hang out and maybe bang. There’s no telling when he’ll show up, though, so be prepared to wait anywhere from one week to 20 years. Just because he’s taking some personal years for himself doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. That’s just him being avoidant and also a time traveler. 


Next time you find yourself wanting to take things with your time traveler to the next level, follow these simple steps and you’ll be going steady in no time! On the bright side, if things go south, you will likely never have to see him again, as there’s a 65% chance that the next time he comes back you’ll already be dead.