How to Incorporate More Social Issues Into Your Crafting

Your Etsy store sure has been getting a lot of attention lately, but be honest—do you really think your soaps are doing anything to change the world? Take your wishy-washy, apolitical craft game to a higher level by incorporating meaningful social issues into your bookbinding and scarf knitting. From carpentry to decoupage, it’s time to turn your #craft into #CRAFTIVISM:


Take Your Craft and Put it in Your Vagina

The easiest way to elevate your craft is to simply put it in your vagina! This move immediately adds context to your embroidery pieces, and says something bigger about society’s discomfort with the female anatomy. Really, why is everyone so horrified of something that’s been in a vagina? People really need to wake up.


Put a Vagina Directly On Your Craft

As you craft your handmade wooden spoons, find creative ways to place a vagina directly onto the piece. A few tiny spoons whittled into the shape of a vulva will remind people that vaginas are everywhere, people! Think about it!


Turn Your Craft A Vagina Metaphor

It doesn’t have to be as obvious as you think: Even if your handmade baskets look nothing like a vagina, the overall idea of a basket carrying the weight of the world and also being a vast opening is a great start for adding an artist’s statement to your existing crafts. But it doesn’t hurt to screen print a vagina directly onto the basket, just to drive the point home.


Have Sex With Your Craft

Why not? It’s your taxidermy project. If you don’t put it in your vagina, who would want it?



Incorporate Your Craft Into A Live Birth

There’s nothing like the wonder of a live birth to give your beaded necklaces a sense of immediacy. There are literally zero beads on earth with any kind of spiritual relevance, so you’ve got a monopoly on this one. Maybe wrap a string of beads around your vulva just before crowning so that your girlchild is born wearing a necklace, delivering a powerful statement about societal pressures on female humans while also delivering a baby.


No matter what your craft, there is always a way to bring added social relevance to what you do. Remember: Activism is vaginas. You are what you craft!