How to Have a Spiritual Awakening Without Freaking People Out

Though we live in an increasingly secular world, spiritual development can still play a major role in one’s overall wellness, purpose, and sense of being. Experiencing moments of grace and connectivity with a greater power, be it God, nature, or oneness may lead you down a path of spiritual awakening, and that’s great, but it can also really freak the hell out of the people around you. With this in mind, here’s how to nurture your relationship with the numinous in a way that doesn’t make other people go like, “Whoa, what? Yikes”.


Don’t use proper nouns.

And definitely don’t say the word “religion”. There’s a reason Jesus only had 12 followers and got ultimately murdered for his nutso vibes! Hopefully you don’t think you’re the child of God because then that’s like a whole other thing, but the point is you shouldn’t even be saying God! People will think you’re insane or you’ll invite conversation from someone who’s religious in a traditional way that doesn’t resonate with you and then you’ll be freaked out! Lose/lose.



Do keep your language vague.

Do you use words like “interconnectedness”, “philosophy”, and “mood”. Like, “This philosophy of interconnectedness I’ve been practicing is a mood!” People might still be uncomfortable around you but it won’t be because of your faith.


Front porch everything you say as much as possible.
Don’t even think about mentioning anything about your burgeoning spirituality without first giving a very long-winded disclaimer in which you delineate your knowledge of organized religion’s complex past and present. Talk at such length about the crusades, attacks on reproductive freedom, Myanmar Rohinga, and a Christian girl who went to your high school who was really weird, that by the time you introduce your own relationship to divinity, whomever you’re speaking with is simply too exhausted to react.


When they state they like being in nature, say, “See, it’s basically the same thing.”
Requires no explanation.


So get out there and live your truth! Open your heart to spiritual experience, but also do it subtly, and in a way where no one thinks you’re going full Belieber (a follower of Christ, just like Justin Bieber). Amen! Wait no, uh, ciao!