How to Give Him What He Really Wants, Unless It’s Time to Himself

If you’re in a loving partnership, it’s important to listen to their needs. Your boyfriend may need things from you that you don’t necessarily expect, like a little extra attention or trying something sexually adventurous. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but at least hear him out! Unless, of course, he wants some alone time. That is absolutely out of the question. Here’s how to give him what he really wants, unless it’s time to himself, which is not gonna happen.


Hear Him Out

When your partner shares a need, make sure you really take in what they’re saying. Your boyfriend shouldn’t feel dismissed when he’s attempting to be vulnerable with you. It will just make the next time he wants to be honest with you even harder. So sit down, show some empathy and really listen to what he needs unless it is some time apart or a Sunday night to himself. Sorry, but his need to “recharge” is less important that your need to cuddle!


Consider It Deeply

Although you will ultimately never allow him to spend a night alone if you’re also free, it’s important you at least act like you are considering it. This will show him that you do think about what he needs and that you respect it! Not completely, obviously, because him wanting to “go to bed early” is extremely offensive and will only happen over your dead body! Nice try, dude!


Thank Him for Sharing

You shouldn’t have to applaud men for being vulnerable, but if you want him to feel comfortable opening up again, let him know how much his honesty meant to you. Or, you have the option to get super mad at him for telling the truth about needing space, which will lead to him completely resenting you! Perfect, a man being silently unhappy for years! Just the way you like ‘em!


Explain Where You’re Coming From

Though he may think he wants time alone, he is wrong! Mainly, because you don’t want time alone and your needs are honestly the priority! Time to convince him that a night apart would mean the end of the relationship and that if you come over you’ll just sit there and be quiet which is not true at all! He’ll regret saying anything and you’ll have the night together you wanted, full of awkward silences and sex where you feel pretty disconnected!


Follow these steps to ensure that he’s getting everything he needs, except for alone time! And if you are okay spending even a night away from your significant other, you need to see a doctor!! You are a pervert!!