How To Get Abs That Look Like A Turtle’s Back

In an era where most of us can barely leave our houses, it’s never been more important to do anything you can to get ripped – because if there’s one thing you can do to take your mind off of possibly never having a job again, it’s becoming so unbelievable cut in your midsection that your friends briefly wonder if you got a turtle shell tattoo directly on your abs. Here’s how to get abs that make you look reptilian:


Try Different Kinds of Planks

Lots of people have six packs, but few have a true carapace. If you want to get there, you’ll need to learn how to make your core as stiff as possible. Try standard plans, hip dips, and side planks, and hold until you can’t anymore or when your stomach looks strong enough to be run over by a car tire.


Do Circuit Training and Supersets

Keeping moving will help you more quickly reach your goal of looking like a hard, slow-moving animal. Alternating sets back and forth between exercises that work the front side of your body (like pushups) and the back side (the deadlift) will bring you closer to appearing to have an exoskeleton.



Gradually Increase Intensity

Ending your workout on strongman-style-interval-training drills will help you get leaner and fitter. Try something like the farmer’s walk to really brace your core and get it looking like a cartilaginous shell.


Just a few simple daily exercises can get you abs that look like a turtle’s back. Good luck and take it fast!