How To Embrace Your Unique Beauty After Realizing Your Guy Exclusively Dates Women Who Look Like You

Given society’s unattainable beauty standards, there’s nothing more empowering than embracing what makes you…you! That is, until you look up all of your guy’s former flames on social media and realize the traits that makes you you also completely resembles them. When you discover you’re a man’s freakishly specific type, you may question your individuality. But here’s how to embrace your unique beauty, even though you just realized that your guy exclusively dates women who look exactly like you.


Turn to social media for inspiration.

If you recently realized that your guy exclusively dates women who look like you, social media was probably a factor in the discovery. Most likely, you were scrolling through his Instagram and saw a photo of his ex, which led you to think “Huh. Brown hair. Round face. Me too.” And then, curious to see if this was a pattern, you sought out a previous ex. And the more you scrolled, the more women you saw who possessed some “je ne sais quoi” quality you innately understood because the “I don’t know what” was simply that they all looked identical to you! So fun.



Don’t dress for the male gaze, because his fetish runs much deeper than your clothing, anyway.

In the early phases of dating, women often feel pressure to ignore their own preferences to suit our guy’s gaze, but once you realize he’s actually interested in something fundamental, biological and eerily ineffable about your looks, you’ll no longer have to worry about pleasing him. Clearly there’s something in you he appreciates — to the point of fetishization! — and no matter how drastically you change your styling, he sees some singular quality, which must have been imprinted in his brain from a young age. So dress in a trash bag and smudge your face with flour even. It really doesn’t matter. He’s honestly just probably trying to fuck his mom! Good for you.


Pretend you never saw it.

So you just realized that your guy was never attracted to you as an individual. He’s probably not even interested in your personality. You have a look, and that look is what he likes, and as a result, you check a box in his lizard brain. How about you don’t think about it? And then go shopping!


Overall, learning to embrace your unique beauty is a valuable venture and something you should do regardless of your guy’s preferences. Sure, you may look like his exes, but it’s ultimately what makes you an individual that matters the most. And, if you’re still unsure of how to embrace your unique beauty, just remember: Your current relationship is only practice for when you date the next guy who looks exactly like him!