Dove Real Beauty Asks Women to Choose Between ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Tiger’

Dove is continuing its Real Beauty campaign with another moving experiment that shows how insecure the average woman really is, even in the face of certain death.


In a half-dozen malls in cities around the world, Dove took two identical, side-by-side entryways and marked one as “Beautiful” and the other one as, “This Door Has a Giant Fucking Tiger Behind It”. Surprisingly, women in all locations were hesitant to identify themselves as beautiful, despite the fact that the other door did have a real tiger behind it.


“I guess I don’t want people to think I’m full of myself,” screamed Berkeley undergrad Rebecca Green, as the tiger viciously tore off a hunk of flesh from her leg. “I mean, I’m okay, but I wouldn’t say I’m beautiful.”


The video shows women of all shapes, colors, and sizes considering the two signs before ultimately walking through the door marked, “This Door Has a Giant Fucking Tiger Behind It” and then being savagely eaten alive by a hungry big cat. Since it went online Tuesday, the grisly, touching video has nearly one million views.


“We wanted to show just how loath women are to call themselves beautiful,” says Dove spokesperson Linda Weiss. “Also, we had a ton of extra tigers lying around.”


The women who participated in the experiment gave vulnerable on-camera interviews while being eviscerated by one of earth’s most fearsome apex predators.


“I didn’t want to die. I just wanted to go use this gift card,” admits Sao Paolo resident Gisela da Silva, while she desperately tries to wrench her remaining arm from the tiger’s merciless bite, “but I guess us women are just programmed to not love ourselves.”


“When I walked through the door marked, ‘This Door Has a Giant Fucking Tiger Behind It’, I didn’t feel so good afterward,” says Yang Chao, a Shanghai-based art dealer, between bloodcurdling screams. “I wish I didn’t have to be this self-conscious about how I perceive myself.”


Twitter users around the globe are responding enthusiastically to the horrifying footage of real tigers eating real women, sharing the link with the hashtag #ChooseBeautifulNotTiger.


“Good God, won’t somebody help them?” says one comment. “Won’t somebody help these women feel beautiful?”