How to Edit Your Dating App Profile Without Subconsciously Swiping Left on Yourself

It’s hard to admit it, but putting a little effort into your dating profile can have huge results. It’s important to select images where you look great, but how can you create the perfect profile without constantly having the urge to swipe left on yourself while you’re doing it? Here’s how to edit your dating app profile without subconsciously swiping left and mindlessly rejecting yourself.


Start strong!

Lead with your strongest photo, which actually isn’t all that strong because your face isn’t like a drop-dead gorgeous face that you’d want to date. You may be tempted to use old photos or ones that have been heavily filtered, but resist the urge! There’s nothing worse than showing up to a date looking nothing like your app picture. So choose a great (by your standards) photo, and as you create your profile try to remember it’s you in order to not accidentally swipe left out of repulsion.


Get creative.

Use your creativity when adding videos and statuses to your profile. Do your best to fight the urge to swipe left on yourself because you feel like an idiot for investing so much creative energy into this system designed to make yourself feel awkward and self-critical. Also, your video ended up being dumb and showcasing nothing but your stupidity! Ugh! Whatever you do, just don’t swipe left!


Be yourself!

Your bio should include details that would make great conversation starters. Use your favorite emojis, even the ones you think are eccentric, like the pizza slice, or the electric guitar or—god you are so lame. Honestly, no one would blame you for swiping left on this bad bio you’re writing!


Be honest.

Being honest in your virtual introduction is essential. For that reason, you should add your zodiac sign to your bio even though if you saw a Gemini on Tinder you would greet him with an immediate swipe left. Haha, it’s amazing that you’re trying to date someone when you would never in a million years date yourself!



Stay positive!

Dating apps can be a fun way to meet people you’d never encounter in real life. It’s worth reminding yourself that you signed up for this voluntarily and swiping left on yourself doesn’t actually doesn’t have to do anything to your self-worth. It’s just a physical response to the repressed thought that you hate yourself!


Follow these steps when creating your dating app profile and do your best to not immediately swipe left on that sad pic before realizing it is in fact you. And if you decide not to participate in dating app culture, you’re insane! Happy dating!