How to Complete Your Mental Breakdown in Time to Accept Your Incoming FaceTime Call

Uh, oh! Looks like you’re getting an unexpected FaceTime call, which has already sent you into a full swing anxiety attack – but don’t fret, because here’s how to complete your mental breakdown just in time to accept that call.


Take a deep breath – or at least try to. There isn’t much time left.

If you want to speed up your downward spiral, taking a deep breath is a great first step. While you might not be able to take the deepest one, or maybe even a normal one, it can’t hurt to try! You need to hurry up, though. Like, seriously. Five minutes.


Speed journal.

Many mental health professionals have said that journalling is a terrific way to get your thoughts out of your brain and onto paper. But since you’re on a strict time constraint, just find the nearest thing you can write on and let it rip! It doesn’t matter whether you can read it later, you just need to write as fast as humanly possible. Faster, even! Your friend really wants to know how you’ve been doing lately!!


Resist the urge to change everything about yourself.

While it may be tempting, try your hardest to resist the urge to change your hair, makeup, posture, and background before you accept the call. You look just fine the way you are! And even if you don’t, you don’t wanna cut into your allotted anxiety attack time, do you?



Now that you’re about to finally accept the call, don’t forget to smile, or at least look somewhat normal. Once you try to look relaxed long enough, go ahead and accept the call! The person on the other side probably won’t even know that you were hyperventilating right before you picked up the phone.



So if you find yourself letting FaceTime calls ring because you’re still trying to calm yourself down enough to answer, then follow the tips above to complete your breakdown in time to accept it before the other person gives up and ends the call – because you don’t want to feel even worse about not answering, right?