How One Mom Makes $65 A Year Just From Blogging

Imagine being a stay-at-home mom who manages to keep her household running and her children fed, while simultaneously running a mildly successful side business from her living room. It’s a dream many desire, but few achieve. But that’s just how it is for blogger Morgan Thomas of Springfield, Oregon.


“There’s nothing like tucking my boys into bed, then taking a picture of them, then posting that picture on my blog,” says Thomas. “I can earn ad revenue while they sleep. It’s every mother’s dream.”


Morgan entered the world of online business after encouragement from her Mommy & Me colleagues. “My friends always told me, ‘Morgan, we love your Facebook updates about your boys!’ I’ve taken a few business classes, so I know what you do when demand increases: You start a blog.”


Now that blog is earning Thomas up to $65 a year in profits.


The blog, Morgan’s Men, details Thomas’s life with her three sons and husband (who, for his privacy, is referred to as Mr. T) in graphic detail, on a site populated with moderately intrusive banner ads, which earn her pennies upon pennies per day.


Morgan’s Men has occasionally caused strain in the family’s relations, but Thomas says it’s worth it.



“Last week, one of my readers PayPal-ed me $15!” exclaims Thomas, who spends approximately 30 hours per week working on the blog. “All of this, just for blogging? I can’t believe it!”


“She seems to really like doing it,” say Mr. Thomas, who says he “doesn’t really read the internet much.”


“I don’t want to brag,” says Thomas, “but I’ve gotten more than one free lotion sample offer sent to my inbox as a result of all this.”


When asked what advice she would give to new mom bloggers, Thomas advises, “Just make sure you’re prepared to out-earn your kids!”