How I Use My Communications Degree by Texting at Work

They say majoring in liberal arts in college is a waste of a degree, but really, it’s all about how you apply it. Like when my parents, friends, and a few professors told me studying Communications was “useless” and “not a real major” and I would “never use that after college,” I still persevered. Now, I use my Communications degree all the time at work because I’m constantly texting, DMing, and messaging people!


Sure, my degree isn’t “technically” directly applicable to my job as a barista, but I’m out here proving if you put your mind to it, you can put your degree you earned by showing up high 50% of the time to use at work. Take that, anyone who studied STEM!


I remember walking into my first Communications class – Communications 101: “What Is Communications?” – as a nervous freshman and walking proudly out of that class with no real concrete answer to the question that, to this day, I still am not sure how to explain. But I did google the official definition of “communication” one day after class, which Webster defines as “the imparting and exchanging of information or news,” and guess what? I do that. All. The. Damn. Time. 



Like yesterday at work after the morning rush, I learned that my friend Kelly hooked up with my old roommate’s ex, Mark, and immediately imparted and exchanged that information to my closest friends, and a few family group chats. So, you could say my degree is hard at work over here.


Not to brag or anything, but my work can be also pretty challenging, because after I disseminated that juicy news, my manager yelled at me for being on my phone while there was a line of customers waiting. And after serving all those customers, what did I do? Texted multiple people about my manager yelling at me, obviously. I even tweeted about it, which is basically like using a PhD in Communications.


So, to those who are wondering if they should major in something as vague and seemingly impractical as Communications, let me tell you that it is so worth it. The only person I know who uses their degree more than me is my friend who majored in Film and watches movies all day, but that’s just because they’re unemployed!