How I Resist Societal Pressure by Making Left Turns When I’m Good and Ready

In 2021, it seems like we can’t do anything without looking on social media and seeing influencers (or normal people) telling us what and what not to do. But one place where the role of societal pressure isn’t talked about enough is the great open road. That’s why I’m taking an individualistic stance by making left turns at intersections when I’m good and ready to do it.


Despite what you might think, I used to be a very nervous driver with little to no self-esteem, and who would do anything the surrounding cars wanted me to if they honked their horns loud enough. But now, I’ve learned – mostly that, as long as you’re blocking an intersection, turning on a green light is totally optional.


Now, when I decide to take a left turn, it doesn’t matter how many cars are waiting in back of me, I still take my time and take my left turn when I want to, which tends to be when there are no cars even close to approaching the intersection. Or sometimes like two seconds before someone could ram into me. It just depends on my mood!


It’s important to reject the status quo, especially while driving. Making a turn while oncoming traffic is rapidly approaching you is a decision that I consider to be insane; therefore I resist and listen to my own instincts rather than “traffic laws”. It’s called being your own person. It’s called having “morals” – ever heard of it?


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a long time to make a left turn, and I won’t let anyone tell me differently. Yes, people might get mad at me, or angrily swerve to get past me, but at the end of the day, I need to stay true to myself.



Others might disagree with my driving style, saying that “it slows the pace of traffic” or that “it’s actually really dangerous,” but those people are merely sheep in a world that tells us we all have to make our left turns quickly, efficiently, and when there’s “plenty” (subjective) space to go.


I will always make my left turns when I’m good and ready, and I hope that whoever is reading this is encouraged to do so too. Maybe one day we’ll all take our time to make our left turns. But then if that happens I’m gonna take my turns really fast so that I’m still ahead of the curve.