Hero! This Man Took Time Out Of His Busy Day To Watch A Woman Parallel Park

Wow! On Thursday, Sam Dalton of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, took five minutes out of his busy day to stop and make several hand motions in support of a woman trying to parallel park on a steep hill.


The woman, Amy Scarsdale, was blown away by Dalton’s heroic presence.


“I was trying to park and then I saw this guy stop walking and start waving me to keep backing up,” says Scarsdale. “At first I thought the car in front of me was his and he was afraid I was gonna hit it, but then I realized he was trying to help or something? I parallel park on this street five times a week.”


“It was actually pretty distracting and kind of made the whole thing take even longer.”



“I wasn’t sure she was gonna make it,” explains Dalton. “So I’m glad she used my help.”


Dalton then stood and stared at Scarsdale as she put coins in the parking meter mere feet away.


“It just seemed like he was pretty invested in my parking,” Scarsdale added. “I guess, I expected some kind of verbal confirmation of that but he just kind of stared at me looking for a ‘thank you’ or something.”


Nope! Just a kind and gentle stranger, watching a woman flail! Thanks for being an everyday hero, sir!