Uh Oh: Rob Wants to Talk More About Your Idea Offline

Yipes! After mentioning an idea you had to streamline group workflow, your coworker Rob, who is not technically your boss, wanted to “discuss this the idea more offline.”


Uh oh! Looks like somebody doesn’t know the difference between digital space and the real world!


Rob’s motives are unclear, but he is possibly looking to steal your idea, talk at you for upwards of 30 minutes, or possibly even get in your pants. Regardless, all of these activities are definitely offline and none of the possibilities are looking good!


Rob is looking to fill in your offline chat with buzzwords and nerdy neologisms like “bandwidth” and “geobragging” and is excited to circle back on this topic if needed.



Now you are left trying to stay professionally open to Rob’s collaboration while listening to why single-serving coffee machine could actually be good for the environment if you really think about it – all of which could have been avoided if the discussion had remained within the meeting.


But watch out – Rob is looking to take this even further offline for drinks after work if you’re interested in hearing his ideas about rapid growth and minimizing burn rate.