Here’s Why Having Mixed Children Makes Me Less White

Even though I’m technically fully white on both parents’ sides, I’ve always felt a kinship with other, more ethnic cultures. When I had my two beautiful mixed children, I realized that they were what I was missing all along, and now I’m finally less white!


First off, I’ve always loved Black men, and not in a weird, fetishy, racist way or anything. It’s just part of what makes me not totally white. Me and my husband Marcus fell in love eight years ago, and we had two beautiful mixed children named Jamie and Adonis whom I absolutely adore, especially since they give me license to talk about the Black experience under the pretense that my children are, in fact, Black.


As a MixedKidMom, I also think it’s important to take as much inspiration from the Black community as possible. I want my children to feel as comfortable as they can be in their own home, and that’s why I take it upon myself to speak in AAVE and wear box braids as much as possible. After all, I’m not even really a white woman anymore after giving birth to my half-Black children, and that’s just a little something that I like to call “birth-right”.


My mixed children were the best thing that ever happened to me, partly because they’re really great kids, but mostly because I feel like they give me a pass to be in Black people’s business whenever I want to be!



I mean, seriously, how could I be fully white if I have mixed kids? Sure, when you look at my 23andMe I’m basically Irish, French, German, and Russian, but when you look at my children, it gets a lot more complicated than that.


Something that I’ve learned from my husband is that being “white” is actually a social construct, and by the way, the fact that I know this makes me a little less white too. Anyway, if I decide that I’m not actually fully white, then I’m just not! And that’s how race works. Period.


So sure, I may not ever know what it feels like to actually be Black in America, but I’m pretty damn close. After all, I’ve been invited to more than a couple cookouts over the years, and not just because my husband’s family felt bad about not inviting me!