Help! No One Believes I’m a Scorpio!

I’m your average 26-year-old woman with about 40% confidence in my day-to-day life. Sometimes I’m the empowered woman I dream to be, but most of the time I tend to be shy, apathetic, and dependent on others. Yet against all odds, I’m a Scorpio, and nobody believes me!


When I’m at the bar with my friends and a guy asks me what my sign is, I tell him the truth. But he always scoffs. “A Scorpio? You wish!” he scoffs, turning to the rest of the bar. This is my terrible fate. Why can’t guys just trust me when I say, “Technically I’m fiercely independent and resourceful”? I really am, in theory!


I know—Scorpios are known for strong qualities such as being passionate, brave, and loyal. But I don’t really care about much, get scared easily, and don’t have many friends who deserve my loyalty. But I show people my birth certificate and it CLEARLY says I was born on October 30, and they’re still like, “Nope, impossible.” What do I have to do to make them believe?


The fact is, I’m undeniably a Scorpio. I am a fierce water sign. Or maybe everyone else is right? I dunno.



When I asked my mom, she said, “What the hell are you talking about? Of course you were born on October 30th,” but of course that’s what she’d say, because she’s a Taurus. Honestly, I don’t know who to trust anymore.


Another explanation for this is that deep down I do hold all of these traits, I just haven’t become my true self yet. Maybe underneath my dumb, boring façade, I’m a ferocious scorpion. Or maybe people are taking this astrology thing too seriously? I’m not sure.


Maybe if I had the normal Scorpio traits, I’d have the determination and swagger to figure it out. But since I’m a non-Scorpio Scorpio, it may take years to figure out what makes me a Scorpio.


If my acquaintances all think that my personality really doesn’t align with being a Scorpio, maybe it’s the Zodiac signs that are inaccurate. But until that’s scientifically proven, will you believe me? Please? I am a Scorpio. I really am. I promise. I’m trying to be brave here—but I don’t think I’m doing it right.