Getting an Engagement Ring You Can Shove In People’s Faces

Engagement Ring - Reductress

If you think you might be getting engaged soon, you deserve the best in an engagement ring. Back in the day, it was easy to just hold the guy responsible for this, and blame him if you didn’t get what you wanted. But to be honest, you’re probably going to have some say in what ring you end up wearing. Cool, right?


Okay, so you might not be so thrilled about being involved in the ring-buying decision process. Let’s face it, when it comes to diamonds, you’re hopeless. You remember absolutely nothing you learned in high school geology and don’t know the first thing about purchasing a rock of your own.


You just want a ring that looks good, but buying jewelry is much more advanced than that. You have to understand how diamonds are cut. You have to understand about different kinds of settings. And even if you were going to hold your guy responsible, chances are, he would be equally clueless.


Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you and your fiancé select the perfect ring, so you can fool everyone else into thinking he just magically happened upon it.


Learn about carat weight before deciding on a carat weight.

Sounds crazy, I know, but check out Front Jewelers’ page on the topic before you find yourself plagued throughout sleepless nights by the question, “What carat weight should I choose?” The page explains the significance of carat weight and stone diameter. This information can be useful in determining if the stone has been properly cut. You don’t have to do advanced math, just to understand what it all means. It’s not like learning how to speak Chinese or hang glide, though of course if you want to have any fun at all on your honeymoon, you should probably get started on those, too.


Decide on the type of setting that’s right for you.

You might do well to peruse this lesson from the Diamond Council, which includes a rundown of different types of settings. You can consider which is most aesthetically pleasing, and which is most likely to retain your rock in case of a severe impact because, you know. Hang gliding. In China. Also, you can’t deny that a sturdier ring might serve you better in a fist fight.


Make sure the ring fits properly.

It’s important to get a ring resized if necessary. You don’t want to lose it due to some unfortunate accident. For instance, say it hits that point during the wedding reception where everyone’s had too much booze and you decide to tell your cousin Bridget that being invited to your special day doesn’t give her license to single-handedly down half a tier of cake. All it takes is one sweeping hand gesture, and there goes your ring. Right into Bridget’s mouth.


Make sure the ring you choose is a real ring.

Expecting you to spot the difference between a genuine diamond and a Rubik’s cube might be asking too much, but identifying an authentic ring is a skill that can be developed with practice. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If any part of the ring dissolves, it’s probably fake. Don’t get the wrong idea here. We’ve already suggested some great-tasting rings for you to try, and you should always taste any ring before buying it, but don’t be fooled by the initial sugary rush. Wait for the finish. Basically, if the ring is no longer intact by the time you try to leave the store with it, it’s probably not worth whatever ridiculous price they’re asking for it.


Don’t let him skimp on you.

Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you’re going to let your guy get away with paying less. A big rock is important not just because you deserve it, but because a larger diamond is easier to see from a distance. An ideal ring should warn people you’re coming, like a Land Rover with its brights on. A quality engagement ring isn’t just a symbol of your love, it’s an investment in your future, which involves being able to show off the fact that you’ve somehow managed to stumble into a lifelong commitment. So be prepared. Do yourself a favor and shop smart!