Gender Crisis Put on Hold

In a developing story out of Denver, CO, 22-year-old Isa Part has reportedly put their gender crisis on hold.


This comes after a false start breakthrough in which Part showed early signs of actually doing something to figure out what exactly their whole deal is.


“Like many others, during quarantine, I had the chance to really go deep and think about my gender identity and presentation without the pressure of constantly being perceived,” says Part. “I got to a point where I started understanding new things about my desires, my childhood, and adolescence, how I relate to my body.”


“I think I really pushed up to the cusp of something,” Part adds. “And then I was like, okay this is actually kind of a lot. Maybe I should think about this some other time.”


And that’s exactly what they did.


“When I started to consider questions of whether I wanted to use tools of medical transition, it suddenly dawned on me that thinking about these things is kind of hard,” Part explains. “That’s when I realized that I could sort of shut that all down as much as possible, then deal with it in the future when I become a person who is suddenly ready to take on this type of challenging self-fulfillment.”


“I’m pretty sure it’ll be any day, month, year, or decade now,” Part adds. “So that’ll be great. Looking forward to that clarity and ease of existence.”


While Part is content to stall out indefinitely on coming to terms with their identity, there are still those who challenge the validity of their non-plan.



“Obviously they need to do things on their own time, and I respect that,” says close friend Leanne Denison. “But I’m not sure that you should put your gender reckoning on hold. It’s always going to be a leap of faith, so I just wouldn’t bank on magically being more ready in the future.”


But Part is undeterred by such nay-saying.


“I think it’s an awesome choice for me,” Part says. “I’m just gonna keep my head down and focus on more urgent matters, like getting through The Sopranos. I can worry about whether I want tits on my body some other time; they’re not going anywhere. I mean, that’s the problem, but still.”


Keep on not truckin’ – at least for now!