Anti-Capitalist Woman Watching a Lot of ‘Selling Sunset’

woman watching selling sunset

Natasha Stevens of Asheville, NC believes capitalism is a scourge to society. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy watching its worst aspects on full display in the popular reality show about high-end real estate, Selling Sunset.


“Capitalism is inherently exploitative and reduces humans to mere consumers,” Natasha said. “But I can’t help but wonder, is someone really going to buy the 75 million dollar house? And like, are all these people’s brains broken?”


Natasha admits the inherent contradiction in her behavior, but just can’t help but watch a heck of a lot of rich people selling things for even richer people.


“I fight every day to build a more equitable world that values human rights over profit,” Natasha added. “But after all that, it’s kind of relaxing to watch people spend $100,000 on zebra rentals just to sell a beach house in Malibu.”



Natasha remains firm in her ideals, even though she just watched six straight hours of well-dressed people orchestrating what seems to be an elaborate money-laundering scheme for foreign oligarchs.


“This has to be made up, right?” Natasha told us. “Like, the Oppenheim group was made up just for this show? Nobody could possibly be this shallow and profit-driven. Right??”


At press time, Natasha was still wondering if Davina really dresses like that every day.