Friend Does Lettering Now?

In a developing story out of Houston, your friend Maddie does lettering now, I guess?


Friends and family alike were caught off guard by a Facebook post shared by Maddie of her latest lettering work, that I suppose she just kind of fell into all of a sudden, as if there aren’t more important things to be doing at the moment.


“She does lettering now? Oh cool,” said Maddie’s longtime friend Kayla. “I mean, I don’t fully know what lettering is or how you learn to do it, but I guess she just, like, spends time writing letters? The letters are pretty but when did she take up this hobby? And why?”


It appears Maddie’s first lettering product was a reclaimed wooden board with ‘It’s wine o’clock!’ written in flouncy, feminine calligraphic lettering.


“I mean, it’s like cute and all. It’s just weird to wake up one day and realize your cousin, who has a good day job and a family and stuff, is doing lettering stuff now,” asked Maddie’s college roommate Rebecca. “Is she trying to earn extra money? Or does she just do it for fun? I have no fucking clue.”



When reached for comment about her latest hobby (or, like, gig?), Maddie simply said that she does lettering now “because it’s fun.”


But that has left friends with more questions than answers.


“Is this gonna be for those trendy chalkboard things at weddings?” asked Kayla. “Or just like cheesy kitchen wall decor? Or motivational work posters? Truly what is happening!?”