Uh-Oh! Crush Posting Sincere Photos of Himself With Disneyland Characters

In a developing story, the man that KiLeigh Sanders has a crush on is now posting sincere photos of himself with Disneyland characters on various social media outlets.


The news has come as quite a shock to KiLeigh, who tells us that her crush, Jacob Wheeler, seemed normal in every other way.


“He never had any weird Facebook posts or anything,” she tells us. “But then last weekend he posted a photo of himself with Woody from Toy Story, and it had the caption, ‘You’ve got a friend in me, Woody.’”


After the initial post, KiLeigh reported seeing a photo of Jacob with Donald Duck with the caption ‘He quacks me up!’, followed immediately by a photo of Jacob with Jack Sparrow saying ‘Bring me that horizon. And where’s all the rum gone??’” followed by several earnest selfies in front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom.


“I used to really like him,” KiLeigh tells us. “Now I’m not so sure anymore.”


KiLeigh’s friends are just as perplexed by the sudden turn in Jacob’s behavior.


“I’m not opposed to adults posting photos of themselves with Disneyland characters,” says KiLeigh’s friend, Allie. “But you’ve got to indicate in some way that you’re in on the joke. Otherwise it’s like, he’s just super into Disney and a horribly maladjusted adult.”


While the photos only cover a single weekend in the theme park, they may have a much longer lasting effect on KiLeigh and Jacob’s potential relationship.


“I’ve always thought he was so cute,” KiLeigh tells us. “Now I still think he’s cute, but in an is-he-okay kind of way.”



Though the photos have been cause for concern amongst KiLeigh’s social circle, there are those in the group who still hold out that Jacob may be playing some type of long game with his posts.


“I’m waiting for the other foot to drop,” says KiLeigh’s friend, Victoria. “These posts are so sincere, I feel like they must be ironic. He’s pulling some Andy Kaufman shit right now, I’m sure of it.”


Though KiLeigh remains cautiously optimistic that Jacob will soon reveal a totally normal and funny reason for the deluge of profound reflections on cartoon characters, for now, she’s hedging her bets.