Equality! This Graphic Tee Comes in Worse Fabric With Weird Little Sleeves for Women

Women rejoice! This graphic t-shirt also comes in a version with bad, thin fabric and weird little sleeves — for ladies!


If you’ve always wanted to rock a chill graphic tee but worried that the neckline would hide your feminine décolletage or that the sleeves would leave too much room for your armpits, then you may have just found the answers to your prayers.


“This women’s fit is exactly what I’ve been looking for,” says one happy customer, Beverly Tompkins. “It finally asks the question: What if you took all the parts of a blouse that are attractive, such as being made from a nice material, or not having an album cover screen printed on it, and you just threw those out the window?”


“T-shirt blouse,” adds Tompkins. “I mean come on. Finally a good option for women.”


The shirt, which only comes in hot pink, baby blue, and heather gray (colors fit for a lady), costs $5 more because those weird little sleeves are trouble to make!



Worth it to have a t-shirt with a waistline!


“It’s so important that women have the option to buy something that’s uniquely theirs!” says a genius, Mark Chris. “Something that’s, sure, more expensive, but also worse.”


“It’s also important that women are so thoroughly socialized to perform their gender correctly that many will immediately just buy the one for ‘women’, checking off yet another box in the endless reification of the binary, because to even select the one for ‘men’ would feel, on some level, like a transgression,” said Chris. “Just kidding!! This shirt is always a nice time for a lady to put it on her boobs.”


Yay for bad shirt! The dryer will destroy it tomorrow.