Enormous Zit Doing Its Part To Keep Woman Indoors

Brittany McCarthy, of Newton, Massachusetts is a social butterfly, and not even COVID-19 can stop her efforts to get out there. But something else definitely can.


“Brittany keeps trying to go on jogs, hoping to run into people, making excuses to pop into Target again, stuff luck that,” says her boyfriend Jeff Price. “I was starting to get worried about her safety.”

After days of potentially risky behavior, an enormous zit thankfully popped up to help keep McCarthy sheltering in place.


“I couldn’t figure out why she’d stopped asking me if I needed to mail anything,” Price said. “But then I noticed that spot on her chin was getting really red and obvious, even from far away.”


McCarthy has not publicly acknowledged the zit’s existence, or its influence on her ability to stay home. Instead in a series of Instagram stories not featuring recent photos of her chin, she has listed the many reasons she thinks its important to #stayhome.



Many of the stories feature photos of her face in clearer days.


“I’m just doing my part,” McCarthy tells us.


McCarthy has since purchased a very large mask.