Downton Fans Clamor For Molesley Spin-Off

Hit PBS series Downton Abbey concluded its fourth season this past Sunday, and many fans are clamoring for a spin-off show starring the Abbey’s second footman, Mr. Joseph Molesley.


The public is begging for more of the intriguingly stodgy character, who was introduced in season one as Matthew Crawley’s valet. Molesley is a captivating fan favorite known for his quiet dissatisfaction at the misfortunes of his life of service.


Featured more than ever (although still less than other characters), Molesley was seemingly around every corner this season, which some have called “The Molesley Show”—befuddled, frazzled, and due to his ineffectual floundering, humiliated at each turn.



For a solid faction of Downton fans, “Molesley” (the proposed show title) could be more entertaining than Downton itself. One fan states, “I could watch Molesley nervously pat sweat from his brow and get yelled at by superiors all day.”


“He’s so quiet and unassuming,” says Eliot Shuford, leader of the Molesley Fan Club in New Hampshire. “He even sips his tea more quietly than the other characters.”


Fans say now is the time to take this mysterious dark horse character and catapult him to the fame he so clearly deserves.