Cute Ways to Make a Free Outdoor Movie Cost More Than a Movie Ticket

If you’re looking for authentic summer fun, nothing beats a beautiful evening with a bounty of snacks from Whole Foods and a bottle of wine and a deluxe camping folding chair in front of the big screen at the park. Here’s how to put on your espadrilles and show your summer fling that the free showing of Footloose in the park can definitely cost more than going to see X-Men like he wanted to.


A Charcuterie Tray

Why would you pay $9 for a bag of stale popcorn at the movie theater when you can get a tiny, adorable tray of artisanal meats for $11? You’re a savvy gal, and are also supporting your local wine shop where the guy with the typewriter tattoo works. Just throw in some olives, fresh figs, brie, and water crackers, and you’ll have completely made up the price difference.


A Romper You’ll Never Wear Again

One way to make this free event more expensive is to buy a cute romper that looks “so outdoor movie.” That would have bought you two indoor movie tickets, but isn’t a Squad Goal picture priceless? This is definitely the right moment to try something you saw in a Coachella video. Not the romper type? Try tripping your way through the night in a new maxi dress!


An Organic Mosquito Repellant Keychain

Because style! And portability! And Zika. Honestly, you never know.


A Vintage Pendleton Blanket

Spread out on the four square feet of lawn you and your six best buds forced yourselves into on an adorable vintage blanket. Sure, an old moving blanket or a plastic tablecloth would get the job done this $200 blanket from the flea market is going to look soooo cute! Really looking to make a statement? Try a vintage Burberry tablecloth or a slightly ironic neon serape. Hey, the movie was free!



A Really Nice Bottle of Wine

Your summer hunk was sure to act impressed by that $50 bottle of red you picked up at Whole Foods.  He didn’t exactly drink much of it, but neither did you. Now it’s been sitting in 90 -degree heat for six hours, so it’s just some hot wine. Worth the cost? Who can say!


Say ‘no’ to the Hollywood industrial complex and a resounding ‘yes’ to a classic movie in the park! But just because you’re sitting in a park doesn’t mean you don’t have to prove yourself to the people around you!