Cute! New Coworker Actually Trying to Do Job Well

To most employees at this San Diego TGI Friday’s, their low-paying jobs are no more than a way to pay their bills. But Allison Koogan is not most employees: This precious young woman is actually trying to do her job well!


“I just got hired, so I’m trying to make a good first impression,” said Allison, flanked by a group of coworkers smiling at her naivety. “Wouldn’t anyone be?”


Allison, who is being trained by people who don’t care about their job and haven’t for a long time, went on to explain her adorable little perspective.


“My coworkers keep showing me how to half-ass my duties instead of doing them right,” she said. “Do they not care about their jobs at all?”


They sure don’t, Allison!


Allison’s coworkers don’t really see her end game here.


“Wait so, she’s trying to like, get promoted or something?” pondered Logan Kristowich, another employee. “That’s so quaint. Does she know we don’t even have benefits or get minimum wage?”


“Yeah I don’t understand what she’s trying to prove here,” added Karina Lumov. “Like, just show up on time and serve the blue drinks. This isn’t a law firm.”



But Allison isn’t wavering from her commitment to doing her job well.


“I want to do my job properly,” she said. “My coworkers seem annoyed that I’m trying to actually get my job done correctly and to the best of my ability.”


Aw, of course they are, you precocious lil’ overachiever, you!