Cute! Calendar Thinks You’re Still Getting Drinks Tonight

In an absolutely adorable story out of locked down Brooklyn, NY, Theresa Nguyen’s Google Calendar sent her a reminder alert about the drinks she’s getting tonight, as if that’s still happening!


Aww! What an optimistic little calendar.


“It honestly made me chuckle a little bit,” said Theresa. “Like, aw! You really think that I’d be leaving my house right now! I haven’t been outside in a week!”


How precious that it thought you would be doing anything but sitting in your apartment for the next few months. What a joker!


This is not the only cancelled appointment that Theresa’s GCal app has naively reminded her of in the past week.


“My blowout on Tuesday evening, my wax on Friday, even the date I was probably gonna cancel on Saturday,” said Theresa. “Can’t be mad at the little cutie for trying!”


“But also, like, read the room, Google,” she added. “The most important thing on my calendar is my boyfriend’s Call of Duty game.”


People across the nation are having similar experiences.


“GCal sent me a notification about a work happy hour I was supposed to have,” said Jeremy Plank of Marietta, GA. “Like my coworkers and I aren’t just drinking on Zoom all day. Nice try, though!”


“Yeah, my phone buzzed and I thought it would be another text from the CDC,” said Lena DiCocci of Houston, TX. “But nope, good ol’ Google Calendar reminding me of my doctor’s appointment. Kind of cute, you know?”



“As if I’ll be going to a doctor any time soon,” she added. “It’s a pandemic, stupid!”


Aw, Google, so cute of you! Now open your purse!