Aww! These People All Went Out On Their Balconies at the Same Time and Masturbated to Each Other

Tearjerker alert! When residents of Bushwick, Brooklyn were feeling down about quarantine, several neighbors in the dense neighborhood took it upon themselves to get out on their balcony and start jerking it at each other.


Aww! We love seeing strangers sexually bond in times of need!


“I had the idea when I was sitting inside masturbating,” says resident, Arnold Blake. “Suddenly I was like, wait, this could be a good way to lift people’s spirits.”


Blake called a neighbor, Peter May, and he called a friend, and before they knew it, random strangers were joining in up and down the street.



“There’s this guy who always stands on the corner who I never really say hi to,” says May. “But now that we’ve all been through this together, now that we masturbated at each other, I think that’ll really change.”


By the end of the ten or fifteen-minute mutual masturbation sesh, entire families had joined in, masturbating from the safety of their own balconies.


“Someone even yelled, ‘I’m coming,’” says Margarita Barker. “I think that made us all smile.”


Let’s hope this isn’t the last of Corona-inspired goodwill among us!