Weird! This Woman Experienced a Good Thing and Felt Happy About It

Looks like Austin isn’t the only central Texas city with some resident weirdos! Waco’s own Kerry Mitchell recently made the unusual choice to feel happy after a good thing happened to her. What a wacky gal!


This seemingly unprecedented incident occurred last Wednesday when Mitchell was offered her dream job in the same city where her long-distance boyfriend lives. After receiving the news, Mitchell made the kooky decision to pour a glass of wine and feel happy about this undeniably positive turn of events.


Yes, you heard that right. Waco’s #1 freak didn’t spend her Wednesday night wondering whether she deserved the job offer, a partner who loves her, or the stroke of good luck. She didn’t lose sight of the big picture by freaking out about the minor logistical challenges of moving. She didn’t start wondering if the expression “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it” applied to her specific situation. She didn’t think of 9000 ways that she could self-sabotage including cheating on her boyfriend with her new boss. And this scientific anomaly definitely didn’t start thinking that it would be cruelly poetic if she got hit by a car tomorrow.


“Yeah, I felt good after a good thing happened to me,” Mitchell confirmed. “Wait, other people feel sad when good things happen to them? So when do they ever experience happiness?”


Haha, great question, Kerry!



This true oddball further coped with the good news by calling her friends and family to share her palpable yet measured excitement, making a to-do list, and watching a reasonable two episodes of Love Is Blind. And she didn’t even drink the whole bottle of wine!


“Kerry has always been able to realize when things are good,” Mitchell’s sister revealed. “It’s terrifying.”


The 31-year-old wackadoo has previously dealt with life events from birthdays to graduations to negative test results by experiencing a mixture of excitement and gratitude, rather than guilt, fear, imposter syndrome, anxiety, panic, a general lack of purpose, malaise, foreboding, over-stimulation, preemptive regret, and queasiness.


And if you were wondering how this little weirdo takes bad news, get this: She processes, learns, makes a plan, and then moves on with her life.


Girl, way to let your freak flag fly!