Creative Ways To Plug Your Podcast in Your Maid of Honor Speech

Destroy Friendship

Being a maid of honor is a role not to be taken lightly – it’s crucial to incorporate the big stuff, like how much you’ve valued the bride’s friendship over the years, how happy you are that she’s met someone to spend her life with, and most importantly, how fast your podcast following has grown over the past one to three months due to its unique blend of witty commentary and substantial information. If you’re looking to get that message to over 80 people this wedding day, here are some creative ways to plug your podcast in your maid of honor speech.


Use a simile.

Plenty of wedding speech givers slip a hackneyed simile into their spiel, like “love is a river, and you two are floating upon it.” But you could say something like, “I hope your marriage is like my podcast, a hilarious labor of love that is available on Apple Podcasts and hopefully on Spotify soon.” The newlyweds might be confused by that last bit, but hopefully they’ll just blame it on your nerves!


Tell a funny anecdote.

Try incorporating a funny story about the bride into your speech. Whether it’s a silly story from your childhood or a wacky drunken incident from college, everyone will enjoy a little trip down memory lane. Make sure to add that you have even more stories from the bride’s life, some of which are not wedding appropriate, available to premium listeners of your podcast only, the link to which is available on the business cards you’ll be passing out after the cake is cut. Seamless!


Produce a wedding-related episode.

So maybe your podcast is mainly focused on ranking episodes Law and Order: SVU. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t deviate from your norm to incorporate this specific wedding into your pod! You’ve gotta have breadth if you want to build an audience, and your maid of honor speech is the perfect opportunity to do so! Mention the special edition episode you made just for your friend’s nuptials right before you propose a toast, and you’ll up your engagement in no time (no pun intended)!


Be unashamed.

Let’s be real, you’re gonna plug your podcast just about any way you can, so you might as well be unabashed about it! Skip the niceties and just let them know that you’ve been working really hard for months on this podcast that’s exclusively about Love Island Season 5, but while it is very specific, it is also very relatable to every person in this barn right now. And if they don’t want to listen, that’s fine, just please rate and review right after this speech. Leave a moment of silence so everyone can pull out their phones. Way to use your platform productively!


Try any of these creative tips if you want to plug your podcast in your bridesmaid speech. It’s not every day that you get up to 100 listeners at a time, so go ahead and make your best friend’s special day all about you!